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Affiliate Program

As an affiliate member, you are essentially part of our sales team. For every person you refer to our site who makes a purchase, you receive a commission. The more people you invite, the better chance you have of earning more.

As an affiliate you have a personal account at your disposal. Here you can find all the statistical information about your affiliate business, in particular, referrals, payments, visits, etc.

Only affiliate links can be used to track sales. Incorrect use of affiliate links will cause the inability to track referrals.

Our site uses cookies to collect the information necessary for assigning the commission.

You can find all logos and banners in our Brand Style page:

You can also find dedicated Creatives into your personal Affiliate panel.

Respect our intellectual property, we give you limited permission.

We may stop this relationship at any time.

Don’t act bad and keep our reputation. Don’t Distribute e-addons on your own.
We will kick you out if you are a bad actor.

You will not receive credit when purchasing one or more products through your own affiliate link.

We are not offering any commission for upgrades and license renewals.

We pay according to a specific cookie measurement; we can only pay for these people.
Cookie lifetime is 30 days.

All affiliate payments are made via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please sign up for one first.

We will pay you according to our specific program. The commission will start from 30% on each customer sale, and it could be increased if you are a good seller.

You get your commission of every successful purchase excluded for refunded payments. Only after the guarantee expires (14 days) the purchase is considered to be successful.
The minimum payment that can be processed is €200.