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ic Inspactor bwe-Inspector

Frontend Inspector

Your pages may be feeling a little exposed with Frontend Inspector… Anyway you can inspect and analyze your pages in each of their parts, and see in front-end every element that composes the result page: Template, Section, Columns, and every widget. Each of them will be reported in a panel similar to the Elementor Navigator to feel like at home. You can access specific info for any element, like load time, docs, and many other useful data.

it's free

Analyze the page for a complete debug and increase its performance

Have a clue of what’s going on your page and quickly edit its elements


inspector 1 button

Inspector button

Click on “Inspector” main voice from Top Bar in front-end and you will activate the new inspection instrument (3) with all its features.


inspector 2 panel

Top bar

The dropdown Panel on the Top Bar displays all the Templates in the current page, the Theme included files and info about the used memory.


inspector 3 three


In the panel on your right, you can navigate the complete Tree, with the hierarchical representation of the page structure, and inspect all the elements.


inspector 4 view


When you choose an element from the Tree you will see the highlighted block on the page.


inspector 5 info


When you click on an element from the Tree, an info panel will appear. Here you will find many useful and debug info.


inspector 6 actions

Quick Actions

Quick hide/show the element in frontend and quick edit it in the Elementor Editor.



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