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e-Query POSTS
e-Query MEDIA
Gallery Grid Rombs
eaddons skin grid query views
e-addons skin carousel query views
e-addons Skin Dual-Slider query views
e-addons Skin Timeline query views
e-addons Skin Justified Grid media query
e-addons skin table
QueryViews cards
scroll Horizzontal
QueryViews accordion
acf MapLocator
skin simple list

All e-Query widgets are crafted to generate lists of items that are customizable in content and appearance.

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e-addons is a must-have platform that allows you to have handy access to super useful tools: extensions, widgets, and additional features for developing your websites with Elementor.

Its interface, as simple as intuitive, allows you to get all the resources and enable just the ones you need.



Ready-made useful tools instantly available for free.

It’s not the same old list of widgets and extensions but some incredible powered-up features that will allow you to extend dynamic functionalities and improve your workflow with Elementor and Elementor-Pro.

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e-Query POSTS

Generate array of POSTS from WP-Query dynamics to build ARCHIVES, RELATIONSHIP and LISTS of items from advanced logic conditions.

e-Query MEDIA

Build galleries from WP-Query Attachment and Media Library, view lists of RASTER, PDF, DOC files and all available mime-types.


A faster, easier and more powerful way to build Elementor Templates with Twig.


A kind of hide-and-seek but, hey, Elementor style and therefore at some… conditions.


A kind of copy/paste operation but actually with an entire website page.


You can add the native Elementor free templates as shortcodes, as dynamic-tag fields, as a widget, but above all as skin in the Elementor Pro post widgets.


This tool improves the UX and brings up the dynamic tag where they are missing in the Elementor editor fields.

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Our purpose is to offer a single reference for adding and managing all the addons and boosted features you need to build your websites, shops, or landing pages built with Elementor.
It's a One ring to rule them all kind of thing just to give you the insight.

Don’t look for hundreds of resources elsewhere! You can do whatever you want and satisfy your needs, either functional or aesthetic, by using our handy and unique solution.

Please, consider us as your ever-present consultants who love to create, develop, update, and find the most useful solutions for your online business.

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