e-addons for Elementor

Simple List Skin

Ideal for building simple lists dynamically generated by queries, functional for use in the sidebar or footer.

Create a list of items based on ul ol


skin list

Simple lists ideal for sidebars or footers.

vertical List

Manage Columns for vertical lists

  • Number of columns
  • Gap (spacing between columns)
  • Vertical space
skin list vertical
skin list horizontal

horizontal List

The horizontal list is useful for lining up items.

  • Horizontal space

ul, ol or image, icon

Pick a graphic element in the ul / ol semantic proposals or upload a custom image.

skin list horizontal image 1
skin list horizontal icon


List & Items

The style affects the block of the list and on the single item by processing:

  • Padding
  • Margin
  • Colors
  • Border
skin list style

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