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Dynamic Tag Repeater Sub Field

Generate your own custom block template in Widget Query Repeater, using dynamic tags to insert all your subfields into your custom structure.

Use Dynamic Tag to fill your Widgets with data from ACF or JET Repeater fields

Repeater Sub Field


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This Dynamic Tag works only in Templates
used to render Blocks in Widget Query Repeater

elementor sub repeter

Repeater Sub Field

Search your field on all configured Repeater Sub Fields on your ACF PRO or Jet Engine settings.

Dynamic Tag Category

Compatible with all Controls, like:

  • Text,
  • Url,
  • Image,
  • Color,
  • Media
  • Gallery
  • Date
  • etc

Automatically recognize the Field type and return the most appropriate value, but you can force to display data in different way.

Date Format
For Date Category you can define a custom DateTime format using PHP standard characters

Fallback Media
When set to Image (or Media) a Fallback Media value will be available.

elementor sub repeter image
elementor sub repeter color

Dynamic Tag on Styles

Also compatible with Styles, like color, sizes, etc.

Each block could have different colors determinate by a repeater sub field Color type.