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Section Reveal

This widget allows you to open a section on the page with a creative modal/popup and get the content when you need it, out of the flow but an explosion to emphasize it.

Open a section as modal with a mask-based animation effect clip-path-svg
section reveal 1
section reveal ADVANCED

Css Selector & Selector ID

Associate the opening of the modal with any element such as buttons, images or texts.

Through a css selector based on ID or CLASS.

From the panel / tab advanced write the selector to be associated.

  • CLASS require the dot (.)
  • ID require hash (#)
Then associate the section you created on the page and associate it to see it in the modal *

Section ID

* Get the ID in any element

copypaste element id 1
Right click
copypaste element id 2
Copy ID
copypaste element id 3
Paste in the field

Path Style

Different forms for modal detection.

  • Circle
  • Heart
  • Hexagon
  • Pentagon
  • Triangle
  • Etc..

The color, an image, or a gradient for the background.
Align content vertically and horizontally.

section reveal style
HamburgerOoffcanvasMenu CloseBut

Close button design

The close button can be set according to 4 types of items.

This allows you to further customize your modal.

  • Parametric X
  • Icon
  • Image
  • Text


Section Reveal


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