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Accordion Skin

Collapse and expand the elements of each Query with the Accordion.

Increase the page visual efficiency.

The accordion view is ideal for optimizing the layout and improving the content hierarchy


skin accordion

The skin Accordion display multiple rows of content in a simple and compact way.

Accordion Options

Initially open
On load, it opens the wanted element: first, all or none

Single Item open
Make accordion opened items close when another item is opened

Pick the size of the header based on HTML semantic tag


  • Upload a custom image for normal and active state
  • Left or right alignment
Skin Accordion 1



Edit the style of the accordion top bar.

  • Background
  • Border
  • Padding and dimension
Skin Accordion style accordion barr
Skin Accordion style titleicon

Title & Icon

Edit title and icon styles.

  • Typography
  • Normal Hover and Active Color
  • Dimensions
  • Spacing



Basic example

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