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Send Telegram

E-addons bring the Elementor forms to a new era.
Are you keen on Telegram? Well then, you can no longer do without this incredible plugin.

With Send Telegram, you just need to set up a basic configuration and the data entered in the forms will be sent directly to your Telegram channel.

e-addons send telegram elementor pro form
Send forms data directly to your Telegram channel or account through this amazing extension.
telegram action

Send Telegram

Bot Token
This Telegram API Key is needed to use any Telegram service.
It’s free and simple to obtain.

You can create multiple message sent when form is submitted with the Messages Repeater.
You can create them but Enable the specific message later.

Send to latest active users
If you don’t want to set a specific Recipient, the Bot will automatically send a message to the users it has interacted with recently

Who have to receive the message, he must have necessarily interacted with the bot in the past.
You can define multiple recipients separate them by a comma.
You can use as recipient:

  • Unique identifier Chat ID (numeric), you can get it after you start a direct chat with Bot
  • Public Channel Name (@eaddons)


The main text message sent to Telegram users by the Bot.
You can use simple HTML and dynamic form field shortcodes (or Tokens)

Add Upload files as Attachments
In additional to the main Text message, all Attachments will be sent to recipients as Media message.