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Data Listing

Thanks to the e-addons Data Listing, you can list dynamic data content generated by a Dynamic Tag (like a Repeater, an Array, a Shortcode).

Visually manage your structured data store

Data Listing

Manage every structure data in a styled archive loop!
Take advantage of the multiple Skins available and easy customization.

Data Rows

Read every kind of structured data, from:

  • Dynamic Tag Shortcode
  • Dynamic Tag Twig
  • Dynamic Tag Gallery
  • Dynamic Tag Form
  • etc…

The Tag must return an Array or a Json valid string.

Fallback Rows
Optionally set a static Json array as fallback content with same structure of the source data

elementor data listing
elementor data listing custom field

Custom Field

Print each field of the item of the array in multiple format:

  • Text, single line of text with multiple semantic tags
  • Image, many style configuration and a Fallback image
  • Textarea, for multiple lines text or wysiwyg
  • oEmbed, for all type of video or media
  • Number, a formatted number (like a price)
  • etc…

You can fetch also sub fields, separating keys with a dot, like: “title.rendered”, “category.0.name”

Advanced data

Item Type Static

If you need a particular structure of block HTML mixed with your structured data you can print them with Twig.

Twig let you consent to print cycle, like a FOR or make conditions with a IF.

Dynamic Tag Row Field

If you need a custom layout for your data you can render block with a Template, so you can fetch current item values via this specific Dynamic Tag.

elementor data listing array


Read a Json data flow

Molecule Man

Age: 29
Secret Identity: Dan Jukes
  • Radiation resistance
  • Turning tiny
  • Radiation blast

Madame Uppercut

Age: 39
Secret Identity: Jane Wilson
  • Million tonne punch
  • Damage resistance
  • Superhuman reflexes

Eternal Flame

Age: 1000000
Secret Identity: Unknown
  • Immortality
  • Heat Immunity
  • Inferno
  • Teleportation
  • Interdimensional travel