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Skin Justified Grid

Are you the justified-obsessed type? Or, well, maybe you just need a smooth way to display your images…

Anyway, Skin Justified Grid, which is available only for Media Query, lets you display all your images in a graceful justified render.

e-addons Skin Justified Grid media query
Show your media in a smooth justified display


skin justifiedGrid

The Justified Grid skin is dedicated to the e-Query media widget and generates a grid adapting the images horizontally with respect to the box. It allows a very elegant and smooth display with parameters to model it.

Justified Grid Options

Row height
The height of the images

Image space
The spacing between images

Last row
Change the style for last line on space calculation.

  • Justify (default)
  • No-justify
  • Left
  • Center
  • Right
  • Hide (remove the row)
skin justifiedGrid 1


Justified Grid

Base example

john fowler LrR1m F UdQ unsplash
ana tavares aT90jiE NF4 unsplash
morning brew a1SH 85NThY unsplash
natallia nagorniak ghCp99x4lrQ unsplash
dilyara garifullina ib4PwKIs5i4 unsplash
eugene golovesov 7Jjd7K2Tsvw unsplash
ralph ravi kayden PDikKGE64as unsplash
clarisse croset nFQ G2xWpvE unsplash
remy gieling meZSqVJeLAY unsplash
mitchell luo XvSb5B9SZ9o unsplash