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Query SpreadSheet

Print any data from a local SpreadSheet file without the needs to import all values in your db.

Complete support for common file format, like CSV, XLS, XLSX and ODS.

Filter rows by its value and show only wanted cols.

Read tables from any SpreadSheet in CSV, XLS, XLSX and ODS format


Paginate your huge rows number

Filter rows

Set filters based on cell values


Add only wanted columns

elementor query spreadsheet

Query SpreadSheet

Query Type
Fetch the spreadsheet file from:

  • Custom Path, specify the relative path and file name starting from WP root folder
  • Media Library, upload your spreadsheet into library and select it

Has Header Row
Define if first row contain column names

Clean empty rows
Ignore rows with all empty cells, so skip them in visualization

Number of Rows/Offset/Limit
Decide how many rows display per page

Order By
Set a different order than source

Row Filter

Add multiple filter to rows, based on cell value, compare them with common operators.

elementor query spreadsheet filter

How to identify Columns name

You can use standard nomenclature defined by spreadsheet with alphabet letters: A, B, C, X, Y, Z, AA, AB…

If you enabled the Header Row you can also use the Col name.

Spreadsheet Items

Use all columns data

We wanted to create a way to visualize, sort, and manage every type of data into the spreadsheet to generate complete lists in all its parts.

elementor query spreadsheet item

Display elements

  • Custom Field, a column field
  • Static (text, image, icon, code)
  • Loop Index
  • A custom Elementor Template

Each type of element is customizable in all its parts with dedicated parameters in order to achieve maximum control.

All configurations for the style are accessible immediately while creating the items.

As if that wasn’t enough, some advanced parameters let you refine the visualization and its behavior.

Query SpreadSheet


Several display styles are available for all e-Query widgets that will allow you to get the navigation approach you want.

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Read from XLSX

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