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Search Filters

The e-addons Search Filters allows you to see the list of all active filters applied to the current results archive, after getting a search result.

This Widget works with PRO Form Post Query Search & Filter Action

e-addons search filters elementor pro form
List all active filters on current Archive search result
elementor pro form search active filters

Search Filters

Filters Title
An optional heading at the top of the filters
You can decide if it’s visible when no filters are set and what HTML Tag use

Render as List
When enabled each filter will be display as block, each one above the other. Otherwise they will be display inline.

No Filters
A text display when there are no Active filters.

Remove Position
Generate a button to quickly remove the filter. You can display it before, after or not.


This widget require a Form with Posts Search Action, configure its Unique Element ID in the Extra Widgets repeater in Form Action.
You can obtain the ID easily with e-addons Copy/Paste extension.


Inline Active Filters

Active filters: No filters
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