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Dynamic Tag DB Field

No limit to your data storage,
fetch content from a secondary Database,
it could be external MySQL DB and also from file SQLite with PDO support.

Retrieve data from external database and print them inside your classic widgets

Read any Custom Database

Retrieve your data from any Database source type


The main WordPress WPDB database configured on your wp-config file

Custom MySQL

Another MySQL Database on current host or anywhere


Usign the PHP PDO class you can connect to every kind of supported Database, like SQLite, MSsql, etc

Elementor Database

A pre stored Database configured from the Elementor > Settings > Integrations page

elementor dynamic tag db field

Dynamic Tag DB Field

Custom SQL

Your READ ONLY query, with a SELECT which should return a single field column.
You can use Twig pseudocode to generate it dynamically.

If multiple fields are configured and contain and “ID” field will be used to generate a Form Options list, otherwise a comma separated value will be returned.

If multiple rows are returned they will generate a Form Options list, so values separated by a new line char.

DB Connection
You can choose the source, the database where execute your query:

  • Default WordPress WPDB
  • Custom MySQL
  • PDO
  • Elementor Database

Disable execution in preview
It prevent any fatal error during you are writing your SQL code and if there is any error in it

A list of function applied to result, they could be like:
– json_decode
– strtoupper
– trim
– etc
and also a custom one defined on your functions.php file