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Widget Lazy Load

Have you ever thought it might be useful to use lazy load on other elements than galleries as well?

With Widget Lazy Load by e-addons, you can activate the lazy load option on all, and I repeat all, the widgets of Elementor. The page speed response time says thank you.

Widget Lazy Load
Lazy load option on all your elementor widgets!

Widget Lazy Load

elementor widget lazy load

On every Widget you can find the option on the Advanced Tab

Simply enable it…that’s all!

On Page Scroll

Load page content only when necessary, only if user scroll the page, optimizing server load

On Page Load

Load main page content first, then proceed to load secondary content with a optional delay

elementor lazy placeholder

Set a Placeholder

Define a initial height of the block to simulate the content of the element which will be loaded.

You can set a color or an image as placeholder, like an animated gif that will remain until the element is fully loaded

Multiple Widgets at Once

This feature is NOT compatible with Columns and Sections
BUT you can perform it on Containers or a Template Widget (Elementor PRO or e-addons one) which contain a full Template with multiple Sections and Widgets.

You can use it on:

  • Elementor (free) > Container Widget
  • Elementor PRO (paid) > Template Widget
  • e-addons Template (free) > Template Widget
elementor lazy template

Increase page speed response time

Lazy load secondary element of the page via ajax only when needed.
This let you obtain a lower time response on page load.
A great and indispensable tool for SEO.


The content below is loaded only when user scroll