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Thanks to the e-addons Sounds, you can make your site more interactive with audio clips to be reproduced on demand.

Play a Click on user interaction or start sounds to increase site immersion.

e-addons sounds extension
Expand your sense and feel the sound

Play Sounds


Reproduce your custom Media on Click or user events

Mouse enter

Executed when user move pointer on the element

Mouse Leave

Executed when user move pointer off the element


The most classic event

Mouse Down

Executed just before the Click, useful when another script block the click

Mouse Up

Executed just after the Click


Executed on Scroll when Element is fully display on screen

e addons element sound


Increase your UI with more sense

Add a sound to your contents!

On Advanced Tab of each Widget you can find new Sound Section.

Add Sound Effects
Enable Sound Effects

You can manage multiple user event, and each for them set a different sound

Play sound
Select your sound form Media Library.
Best supported audio file are MP3

Optionally set a Volume (1-100)

Element Selector
If you want specify what sub element should trigger the event.
Use jQuery selector syntax.
For example: “#mybtn”, “.my-navigations > a”


Play your Orchestra with no limits!
Add multiple instrument effects to same widget: using the Element Selector you can execute a different sound on each widget element, like Tabs, Hotspots, etc.

Play sound in Loop mode, the sound never ends

Play Once
Execute the Sound effect only one time, if you want repeat it you need to refresh page.
Very useful to use in combination with scrolling effects.

elementor sound orchestra


On Button Click

Slide change effect

On Hover

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