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Saved Payments

Thanks to e-addons Saved Payments, you can now dispose of an easy consultation tool, on the Administration side, of all provided information to every payment done through your site.

e-addons Saved payments paypal
A dedicated Post Type to keep trace of your Payments


Custom Post Type

Saved Payments

payments cpt
payments admin

Quick access to all payments from standard Admin interface

Basic Post Information

payments author
payments details

Standard information about the Author (the WP User who made the payment), the Page from the Payment were done and the current Payment Status.

Extra Information

payments custom fields

All Custom Fields that you can collect from the form submission

payments payer

All Payer Information provided by the gateway that could be different from the Author

Transaction Info

payments product

All Product Fields that customer bought through the payment

payments paypal

All Transaction Information (like Paypal) provided by the gateway that could change based on the kind of command