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Query field

Would you like the user to be able to choose particular items from a list?
And what if you added a product and the list could update automatically?
No problem bro!

With e-addons Query Field, you can dynamically fetch the updated list of your wanted items.

e-addons query field elementor pro form
Create dynamically lists of Options on your PRO Form Fields



Create list of your WordPress objects





Field query 1

Query field

A field like no other

If you select the Query Type the magic will start

You can find common field options you just know, like:

  • Label,
  • Placeholder,
  • Required,
  • Multiple Selection,
  • Inline List
  • Column With.

Query Types


Retrieve a list of Posts of any Type and Status. Filter them by:

  • Type, like Posts, Page and CTP
  • Author, Post by a specific User
  • Term, Posts related a specific Term
  • Status, by default is publish
Field query posts
Field query users


Retrieve a list of your Users, filtered optionally by Role


Retrieve a list of your Taxonomy Terms, filtered by:

  • Post Type
  • Taxonomy

Display the Term list in multiple way:

  • Simple list, of all Terms ordered alphabetically
  • Only Roots, a list of Terms with no parent at top level
  • Hierarchical list, all Terms with their children in sublevels

Hide Empty

Enable to not show not realated to any post.

Field query terms
Field query metas


Retrieve a list of all values of a specific Custom Meta Field

For example from an ACF or PODS meta field.

Custom Label

Generate a Custom label for element in list (free Twig e-addon is required), for example:

[{{ post.post_type }}] {{post.post_title}}

{{term.name}} ({{term.count}})

{{user.first_name}} {{user.last_name}} [{{user.user_emai}}]

Field query custom option label
Field query input type

Input Type

The Query Field let you choose on what input type should be rendered.

You can render results as:

  • Select, Single and Multiple
  • Radio, for Single
  • Checkboxes, for Multiple

Exection in Preview

For performance reasons initially the field will not execute the Query in Preview mode.

But if you want to see the real results in Editor Preview simply enable this option.

Field query execute in preview


Multiple different Query Fields