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Row Custom Field

This Dynamic Tag let you easily retrieve the data of current item inside an archive loop generated with any Query Widget

Get current Block row data in archive Loop to design your custom Block Template
elementor custom row data

Row Custom Field

Row Custom Field
Set the key of the field inside the array data of current row

Tag Category
Decide the return format based on the Control over you use this Dynamic Tag.
You can choose on all Categories provided by Elementor Dynamic Tags, plus two more options:

  • Array, this let you enable the Json decoding
  • Date, where you can set a custom datetime format (source must be in standard format)

If you need to apply a filter on returned data write the function names once per line
Example: trim, sanitize_key, strtoupper, etc…


You can take advantage of this Dynamic Tag only inside Templates used to render Block in archive loops generated with our Query Widgets