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Query Rest API

Collect data from external services and display JSON returned response as archive.

Specific support for WordPress native API and ElasticSearch API

Read a JSON provided by a remote REST API service and list results


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Paginate in case of huge items number

POST Request

Send Post payload data on your request call

WordPress Rest API

Full support to native API


Full support to Elastic API to read Documents

elementor query rest api

Query Rest API

EndPoint URL
The remote url of API service

Require Authorization
Optional User and Password or Token access for private area

Set if different from default 80

Connection Timeout
Sometimes the service could be longer than standard timeout

Ignore certificate
Enable it if remote service is not on ssl

Many ways to manage request data and manipulate the response, some generics like standard GET and POST and more specific for WORDPRESS and ELASTICSEARCH


GET & POST extra arguments
If you need to pass more data into your request, like authentication info, filter values, etc, you can add them defining for each one its own key accepted by the service and its value, maybe loaded via Dynamic Tag

elementor query rest api post
elementor query rest api wp native

WordPress Native API REST

Post Type
Set here the name of your CPT or leave default posts visualization.
Also different object types are supported, like “users”, “categories” and so on

Load Fields
By default you get only the ID of related post objects, like:

  • Author
  • Feature Media
  • Categories
  • Tags

Enable them to get full data of those object.
WARNING: this will increase load time, because each object require an extra request to WP remote service

Elastic Search

You can write your custom Query DSL (optionally dynamic with Twig), copy it from Kibana and execute here

Remove Quote
Optional, clean _source data from extra quotes added by elastic response

Load Document ID Object from Fields
Enable it to retrieve full data of main fields referenced only by Document ID.
Specify all fields, once per line, you want to fill with full data. Separate sub keys with a dot.

Level Depth
Maybe you need to expand fields of loaded documents nested on main document, so define how many iteration recursion you want to execute

WARNING: this will increase load time, because each Document require an extra request to Elastic remote service

elementor rest api elasticsearch
elementor query rest api page

Archive Rows

Archive Array Sub path
Set here optionally the index of sub array into the JSON result, separate each level with a dot

Rows per Page
Define how many result per page, necessary if activate the Pagination

Optional to modify the results display number


You can optimize page load with Enable Cache which will be valid for a defined amount of time until it will be refreshed.

elementor remote rest api cache

Rest API Fields

We wanted to create a way to visualize, sort, and manage every type of data into the spreadsheet to generate complete lists in all its parts.

elementor query spreadsheet item

Display elements

  • Custom Field, a column field
  • Static (text, image, icon, code)
  • Loop Index
  • A custom Elementor Template

Each type of element is customizable in all its parts with dedicated parameters in order to achieve maximum control.

All configurations for the style are accessible immediately while creating the items.

As if that wasn’t enough, some advanced parameters let you refine the visualization and its behavior.

Query Rest API


Several display styles are available for all e-Query widgets that will allow you to get the navigation approach you want.

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