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Query XML

The XML format is still supported from various service which export db data into this document type.

Read the content of a local or remote XML document and generate an archive.

Cycle the content of an XML document and display every children


Read from XML


Paginate in case of huge items number

Filter rows

Set filters based on tag values

Item Fields

Display wanted XML Item children tag

elementor query XML

Query XML

EndPoint URL
Can be a local or a remote url which return an XML document

Require Authorization
Optional User and Password or Token access for private area

Ignore certificate
Enable it if remote service is not on ssl

Optional extra parameter passed in GET or POST

Archive Array Sub path
Set here the index of the array into the XML document, separate each level with a dot

Rows per Page
Define how many result per page, necessary if activate the Pagination

Optional to modify the results display number

Item Filter

Add multiple filter to items, based on children tags value, compare them with common operators.

elementor query spreadsheet filter
elementor query XML orderby

Order By

Set optionally a field to reorder your XML Items


If XML document is served by an external service you can optimize page load with Enable Cache which will be valid for a defined amount of time until it will be refreshed.

elementor remote rest api cache

XML Items

We wanted to create a way to visualize, sort, and manage every type of data into the spreadsheet to generate complete lists in all its parts.

elementor query spreadsheet item

Display elements

  • Custom Field, a column field
  • Static (text, image, icon, code)
  • Loop Index
  • A custom Elementor Template

Each type of element is customizable in all its parts with dedicated parameters in order to achieve maximum control.

All configurations for the style are accessible immediately while creating the items.

As if that wasn’t enough, some advanced parameters let you refine the visualization and its behavior.

Query XML


Several display styles are available for all e-Query widgets that will allow you to get the navigation approach you want.

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