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FORM Dynamic Tag

Thanks to e-addons FORM Dynamic Tag, all the form fields are now available in the dynamic tag, well-organized, and ready to meet the most demanding customization requests.

With e-addons, the great power of Elementor’s dynamic tags is extended to the nth degree.

e-addons form dynamic tag
Fill your Email and PDF Templates with data submitted from a Form


Dynamic Tag

Easily manage Template content used in Form Submit Actions

Form Fields

All Fields Shortcode

Extra IDs

Form Fields

Retrieve the value of every submitted Form Field by its Custom ID

Custom ID
Write here the same name (not the Label) set for Field from the Advanced Tab in Form editing

Based on field type you can choose from different return content:

  • Value, [field id=”name”] – the Field submitted value formatted as default
  • Option, [option id=”name”] – the Option Label set to the submitted value on form field configuration
  • Label, the Label set in Form for the Field in Content Tab
  • Raw, the original submitted Field value read from the POST
  • Placeholder, the Placeholder set in Form for the Field in Content Tab
  • Type, the Field Type set in Form in Content Tab
  • Image, the submitted Form file as Media, useful to display Uploaded files, Signature, etc
form dynamic tag custom
dynamic tag form all fields

All Fields Shortcode
[all-fields] - [e-fields]

Execute the Elementor PRO Form shortcode that print ALL Submitted fields as a simple list.

Select as Field any from:

  • All Fields, [all-fields] – the standard shortcode which display all fields
  • All Fields (not empty), [all-fields|!empty] – same as previous but ignore empty fields.
  • E Fields, [e-fields] – a new specific shortcode to display all fields with all correct Labels and Values
  • E Fields (not empty), [e-fields|!empty] – same as previous but ignore empty fields.

Extra IDs

Some extra Technical ID, useful for Devs

They return info about:

  • Post ID, the Template ID where the Form is present
  • Form ID, the Form Unique ID
  • Queried ID, the Post from where the Form was submitted
					<input type="hidden" name="post_id" value="11143"/>
<input type="hidden" name="form_id" value="98c1e65"/>
<input type="hidden" name="queried_id" value="11143"/>