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Skin Timeline

Have you run out of ideas on how to display your posts?

Skin Timeline gives you a hint and allows you to list your posts (or users) in chronological order in an unconventional and custom display.

e-addons Skin Timeline query views
List your data over time with an original layout


skin timeline

The timeline skin is particularly useful for listing data over time, but also for an original layout.

Timeline options

Image size
The size of the image circle.

Vertical position
The vertical position of the arrow and block relative to the image.

The width of the timeline.

Content Space
The spacing of the blocks relative to the line.

Date shift
Displacing of the date.

Row space
The vertical distance between the elements

skin timeline 1 options


The style parameters refer to the normal and/or active state.


  • Color
  • size


  • Background Color
  • Border image size

Panel Content

  • Padding
  • Border radius
  • Arrows size
  • Shadow
skin timeline style

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