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Reset Password

What if users could change their account passwords without going through the backend login screen?
With e-addons Reset Password for Elementor Form, now it’s possible!

Manage credential recovery by sending emails for forgotten passwords, create custom recovery pages, and use Reset Password pro form action to send data to the database.

You’re in full control!

e-addons Reset Password for Elementor Form
Change account passwords in a completely controlled and secure way, using the elementor form!

Lost Password & Reset Password

Pro Form ACTIONS LostPassword1

The user password reset action is completed in 2 steps requiring a Form each with the same action but with a different configuration:

Lost Password

The user don't remember his old password so he send the Reset EMAIL, which contain the unique reset URL, submitting his UserName or Email.

Reset Password

The user click on the unique reset URL, so he land on the page with a Form where he can insert his new password. User Login and verification KEY can be fetch from the URL.

Pro Form ACTIONS LostPassword lost

Lost Password

Send reset email to the user

UserName or Email Address
Identify the user to send him the email with the unique link to reset his password

User Password
Leave empty to complete the first action to send the email on “Lost Password” mode

Custom Reset Email
You can optionally set custom email contents:

  • Subject
  • Message

If you leave the empty the default WordPress text will be used

Custom Reset Page
Set the Url of the page which contain the Form configured with this same Action on the “Reset Password” mode (see next Step)

Reset Password

Update user password after key verification

UserName or Email Address
Identify the user who we want to update the password.
You can use use an Hidden field type filled in with “login” url param trough Dynamic Tags.

User Password
The shortcode for the field that contain the new password.

User Password Confirmation
Optional, the shortcode for the field that contain the password confirmation for a double check.

Password Reset Key
This is the unique Key that consent to proceed with the password reset, you can find it in the url of the current page.
So store it (with a Dynamic Tag “Site Request Parameter“) in a Hidden field and set here its shortcode.

Pro Form ACTIONS LostPassword reset key
Pro Form ACTIONS LostPassword reset

This action allows you to avoid using the WP login page

User can autonomously reset their password using this custom form in frontend, not passing trough the builtin standard WordPress Login page.