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Site Option

Let’s say that you need an easy and super fast way to add a site option from the data on a form, what would you do? There’s no such a tool, you said? Well, guess again!

e-addons Site Option allows you to add or update the site options directly from the form in the frontend without having to access the WordPress backend.

e-addons Site Option elementor pro form action
Take full control of form data by saving it as Site Option


Action After Submit


Pro Form ACTIONS Save options 1
Pro Form ACTIONS Save options DATA

Site Option

Save Form Fields as global site Option.
You can select only wanted Fields or leave empty to store all fields.

Very useful to manage Theme Settings from frontend.

Extra settings

Save File as Media
Every Uploaded file will be saved as Media, and will be stored in DB its ID and not only the path.

Save Multiple as Array
Transform the submitted multiple data from values separated by a comma in a more convenient Array

Pro Form ACTIONS Save options EXTRA SETT


Add Site OPTIONS action