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Dynamic Tag Template

Do you need to create more visually compelling content?
Well, Dynamic Tag Template lets you replace simple text Controls like Text, Textarea, and Wysiwyg with a custom Template. You can now give your content the right appeal… Useful, isn’t it?

Quickly set up a Template with Dynamic Tags​

Very easy to use and fully integrated with Elementor

template dynamictag 1

Select the "Template" Tag from the Dynamic-Tags list

template dynamictag 2

Select a Template from available templates (the [+] button lets you quickly create a New Template)

template dynamictag

You can also optionally force data from different sources!


  1. Template
    Search the Template by its name from all available Elementor Templates
  2. Other Post
    Force a different source for Post data inside the Template
  3. Other User
    Force a different source for User data inside the Template
  4. Other Author
    Force a different source for Author data inside the Template instead the default one
  5. Inline CSS
    Print the custom Template css inline (in page) instead using the external file
  6. Show Shortcode
    You can see and copy the shortcode to reuse it elsewhere
dis dynamicTagTemplate