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Archive Posts per Page

With e-addons Archive Posts per Page, when you need to compare lots of items on your archive page, you can increase the number of results per page for quicker consultation.

e-addons Archive Posts per Page elementor pro
Change on Frontend the number of Post per Page in the Archive pagination
elementor archive posts per page

Archive Posts per Page

Posts per Page
Generate a single Field Form with the number of Posts Selector.
You can configure wanted field type:

  • select, for a dropdown
  • radio, display the values inline
  • number, user manually enter any custom value
  • hidden, to force different number on search

Input Size

The dimension of the input

Show Label
Prepend the Label before the input

Label Position
Display the Label above or inline

Field Input Width
In Style Tab you can force the input Width, by default is 100%


This widget require a Form with Posts Search Action, configure its Unique Element ID in the Extra Widgets repeater in Form Action.
You can obtain the ID easily with e-addons Copy/Paste extension.


Multiple posts per page

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