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Description Help Field Extension

Need to make your forms more user-friendly?

Add some very useful descriptions to your form fields with e-addons Description help field extension. Apply some high customization possibilities by choosing whether to show it on the label, under the field, or as a tooltip.

e-addons Description Help Field extension elementor pro form
Enhance the understandability of your forms thanks to the help description.
Field descriptionhelp

Description Help Field Extension

For each Field you can find this control on Form > Content > Form Fields > Your Field > e-addons Tab.
The description have this options:

  • None (as Default)
  • On Label, display as ABBR text on the field label
  • Below the input, at the end the field wrapper


If selected on Field Label you may prefer display the description as Tooltip which appear on User hover on label.

Description HTML
The text to display, you can use also HTML tags


On Label - Tooltip - Below Input

Write here your First name and Last name. For example: John Doe
You can add a more advanced description of the field after its label, but before the field
The description support also HTML tags.