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Query Export Button Skin

Generate on the fly an updated Spreadsheet (CSV, XLS, XLSx, ODS) or exchangeable formatted data (XML, JSON, RSS)
with all the fields you need of the content type you want (Posts, User, Products, Terms, etc).

Export all your content (Posts, User, Terms) in a downloadable Spreadsheet exchangeable data format (XML, JSON, RSS)

Many data format


export skin

You can select from the most common structured file data types







elementor spreadsheet export button

Query Export Button Skin

File Name
Optionally specify the resulting file name, or leave empty for current post name

File Format
Decide the type of the downloadable file, you can find there the most flexyble data strucuture:

  • CSV, a simple way to export all your data in organized structure
  • ODS, XLS and XLSx
  • JSON, let you fetch remotely your data, creating a Rest API endpoint on the fly
  • XML, the most versatile data structure
  • RSS, share your personalized feed, add basic fields (see screen below) and extra ones

The Button

The Query Widget will be visible as a simple Button, so are available all classic options in Content and Style tabs.

The Button have a Unique URL which return all filtered data into a downloadable file or readable by remote service.

elementor export button
elementor query export items

The Items

Every Item will be rendered as a Column into the Spreadsheet format or a different field with unique Key obtained from the item Label (automatic or custom).

Some export type, like RSS, require some specific field name, like:

  • title (automatic)
  • description (custom)
  • link (custom)


Export Products in CSV