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Number Float

Expand the use of the Numeric Field types on Elementor PRO Forms.

Accept numeric values with decimals, like prices or math precision.

Set a Step attribute to specify the interval between legal numbers

Allow Form Number Field accepts float numbers like prices and more dedicated options


The field return Integer and Float values, so with prices and decimals


Specifies the interval between legal numbers in the input field, default is 1

elementor number step

Number Float

Decimals are now supported by default thanks to this extension, if you disable it the fields return only integer values.

Optional, you can set legal numbers: could be -3, 0, 3, 6, 0.1, etc.


Add a Javascript support, provided by AutoNumeric libary, to let you customize the numeric visualization of the input number.

Optional, an extra symbol automatically append or prepend the insert number

Force a minimum amount of decimals precision

Decimal Separator
Change from default dot to another separator

Thousand Separator
Change from default no separator to a visual separator choosing from supported one

Clean Value
Remove all extra char to store a clean number
Ex: “1’234,56$” => 1234.56

elementor autonumeric


Numeric Field