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Query Repeater Field

Repeater field based on ACF or JET data to create grids, carousels, timelines and much more.

View each type of data:

  • Text
  • Image or File
  • Map
  • Oembed
  • Gallery
  • Terms,
  • Related Posts,
  • …all other
Generates lists of items based on ACF or JET Repeater fields

Repeater Field


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query repeater 1


Define the source from which object to get the data:

  • Type
  • Current or Other

First of all, it is essential to select the key of the repeater field.

LINK (optional):
The sub field in the repeater, text or url type. This applies to link the entire block or items.


Get the field from all sources, even different from the current post.





Site Option

query repeater sources

Repeater Items

All data at your disposal

We wanted to create a way to visualize, sort, and manage every type of data that is associated to a post (or different source) to generate complete lists, grid or carousel in all its parts.

query repeater items

Display elements

  • Image
  • Title
  • Date
  • Sub Field CustomMeta
  • Label-Static (text, image, icon, code)
  • Read More Button

Each type of element is customizable in all its parts with dedicated parameters in order to achieve maximum control.

All configurations for the style are accessible immediately while creating the items.

As if that wasn’t enough, some advanced parameters let you refine the visualization and its behavior.

Select the "Repeater Sub Field" for each item

* In the case of custom meta, numerous data display modes are available based on the type set.

query repeater field

Query Repeater Field


Several display styles are available for all e-Query widgets that will allow you to get the navigation approach you want.

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