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Query Files

Select a folder and all files, optionally filtered by extension, will be listed or display in many different ways, like a table, a slideshow and more.

List all wanted files in your folder, not necessary to store them as Media

Folder Files

Query Widget

Works with your public site folders, fetching all files inside them

Read folder content

Navigate SubFolders

Image Preview

All Files are supported

elementor files query folder directory

Query Files

Set the path of the wanted root folder, starting from the /wp-content/uploads/ base folder
(ex: “docs/public-pdf”)

Filter files to show only specific file extension or name, separate them by a comma.
It’s compatible with glob pattern.

Same as Include param, but with opposite effect

Search files also from Subfolders
Retrieve files also from all sub folders, otherwise only file in root folder will be considered

Number of Rows
Limit the number of files, useful if you need to paginate them

Rows Offset
An offset let you start display file ignoring first results

Show a max number of results maintaining current pagination

Order By
Select wanted order from:

  • Default, provided by file system
  • Name, alphabetical
  • Size
  • Date Created
  • Date Modified
  • Random

Order direction, ASC or DESC


Several display styles are available for all e-Query widgets that will allow you to get the navigation approach you want.

The most appropriate, support also hierarchical view of all subfolders

Useful for a comparison of files list

Generate an Image Slideshow from your images not necessary from Media Library

A simple grid representation of the rows

elementor folder files skin
elementor files secure private access

Private Access

Set Private Access
Prevent a direct access to files, only wanted user could see your content

Authorized Roles
Only registered users with this specific Roles could obtain the files

Unauthorized User Role Redirect
User will be redirect when clicking on file link to a specific page

Unauthorized Visitor Redirect
Optionally redirect visitors to Login page

Fix file name

Text case
Optionally force a different case to all Folders and Filename.
Select from:

  • Default
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • First word
  • First Of Each Word

Replace text
Remove or replace unwanted chars that are common present on file name (like “_”, “-” or dots)

elementor files uniform manipulate filename
elementor files icon image

Item Icons

Folder Toggle
When using List Skin in Hierarchical mode each Folder can be collapsed, defining also initial situation:

  • All opened
  • None, all closed
  • First only opened

You can choose your own icon for Folders and for Generic File, then optionally you can setup a different one per filetype (based on file extension).
NOTE: if not defined any Icon for each Image file type (jpg, png, webp, etc), all image files will use a Thumbnail instead the Icon

File Items

Use all info about your file provided by the file system

elementor files items

File Items

  • Title, the filename without extension
  • Image or Icon, only for images you can display thumbnail, otherwise the defined icon
  • Extension, the file extension (like “pdf”, “mp3”, “jpg”)
  • Mime, the file Mime Type
  • Date, chosen from Creation or Modify time
  • URL, full link url to file
  • Read more, a button linked to file to download it
  • Index, a incremental counter
  • HTML, a custom text, support html and dynamic content


A simple working demo, read content of a folder and list files and subfolders