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Frontend Download/Copy

Share your creativity and make your configuration available to all your visitors!

With e-addons Frontend Download / Copy, you can add Download and Copy buttons to any Elementor element, like widgets, columns, and whole sections.

Share is care!

e-addons Frontend Download / Copy
Let your visitor copy your Element Settings

Frontend Download & Copy


It works on all Sections, Columns and Widgets


Download a Template Json file which you can Import from Elementor builtin tool

Copy to Clipboard

Store the Element settings into your Clipboard, then you can Paste to another site (with our addon) or save into a file

frontend download copy button

Frontend Download/Copy

You can find the Copy Section in the Advanced Tab

Enable Frontend Buttons
Add the buttons to current Element

Enable for Visitors
Let also for non logged in visitors see and use the buttons

Decide which active action is available from Copy/Download/Both

Text & Icon
The content of the Button for each action

Frontend Buttons Styles

You can find the Frontend Copy Button Section in the Style Tab only if you enabled it from the Advanced Tab

Set the buttons horizontal align

Vertical Align
Set the buttons vertical align in absolute position over the Element

Visible on Hover
Display buttons only on mouse Hover

Button Styles
Then you can find all other standard buttons styles

frontend download copy button style


Share Widget Settings on Hover

Some original Text effect

A full Section with all its Sub Elements

e-addons Frontend Download / Copy

Frontend Download/Copy

Let your visitor copy your Element Settings