e-addons for Elementor

WPML Language Selector

Language selector dedicated to WPML to manage the look and feel in the way you like it.


The advanced language selector for WPML


From the wpml settings


An in line list


Select module


Drop-down menu

Native language selector

Play and customize your choice of language wherever you want using the settings defined in WPML > Languages > […]

wpml selector 1
wpml selector native
wpml selector list


A horizontal or vertical list
Basically it is a [ul>li>a] that collects languages, the current language is not linked

The elements that can be displayed are:


  • Name in the original language
  • Name in the current language
  • The abbreviated code (EN, DE etc.)
  • Locale is the language in code form (en_UK, en_US)
  • The Id of the language for development

The separator can be a separator border (for both directions)
or a standard character (| / – or other)


Select option
The classic option selector used for forms.

In the option field you can choose what to display:

  • Name in the original language
  • Name in the current language
  • the abbreviated code (EN, DE etc.)
  • the language ID [dev]
wpml selector select
wpml selector dropdown


A graphically configurable animated drop down selector with many options.

  • Items: are the items displayed
  • The position of the flag if actived
  • The language code (EN, DE ..)
  • Also the id of the language for development

The dropdown opening icon and its location.

List and items Style

The style is fully manageable for each type:

  • Position and alignment


For items:

  • Typography
  • Space
  • Distance
  • Colors
  • Padding
  • Background and radius
wpml selector style
wpml selector style dropdown

Dropdown panel style

In dropdown mode the opening panel can be configured with:

  • Background
  • Border
  • Margin and Padding
  • Icon
    • color
    • size
    • space