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Instant Posts

Instant-Posts is a system for storing contents in the browser’s CACHE to view them quickly on click. It generates a fluid and instant navigation, ideal for showing the contents of archives.

This works by clicking on elements of any widgets by assigning a custom selector.

Workflow to manage contents loaded in “Asynchronous” mode for fast data navigation


Assign a Class or ID to the element that generate the operation


Associate the graphic Template that will use the data of the page to be opened


The method of opening the content
instantpost 1

Instant Posts

First of all, define a Class or ID (tab advanced) to the elements that will open the page, the mechanism will read the a-href inside and manage the loading of the content based on an associated Template.

You have 3 opening METHODS:

Relative (inside the page corresponding to the widget itself)

Fixed (In overlay as if it were a modal)

Masked (a clippath circle will reveal the contents)

Furthermore, if and in the template you define an element with Class or ID (from Advanced tab) this will manage the BACK to the initial state.


Instant Posts


Instant Posts


Instant Posts


In case of Relative or Fixed it is possible to indicate the direction of the animation for how the content will appear.

  • None
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Fade
instantpost animation
instantpost options


More options available:

Outer Class
This is the container or section that will leave the scene after clicking on the element (link) that opened the page.

To increase the viewing speed preload the content. Otherwise the content will be loaded on click.

Progress indicator on loading
If you have pre-caching enabled, a graphic element indicates the upload status.


Basic Demo

Click on the post to see Instant-Post in action, the back button returns to its initial state, while the prev-next arrows scroll between adjacent posts.


Instant Posts