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Country Field

If you need to know where your users come from, why do you have to enter a static list of countries obtained who knows where?

You can take advantage of the countries DB provided by most used ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce or EasyDigitalDownload.

Generate Country > State field in user form in a single click, with an automatic and complete list of all countries and translated options



Get the list of all Countries and States



Country > State



elementor country state field

Country Field

Country Types:

  • Country, get list of countries
  • State, get the list of full states, you can filter by country insert Country Code or selecting the Country Field (another instance of this field type)
  • Continent, get list of continents
  • Country:State, get full list of all Countries and related States in a unique select field

You can add/modify/remove any Country or State using native plugin filters, there are hooks for each kind of field

Static Countries
If you want to use only specific Countries in Country and States selection, you can set them statically with a Select using same values of plugins (like ‘IT’, ‘US’, ‘DE’, etc)


You have to install or activate WooCommerce OR EasyDigitalDownload to get the list!
A Text input as fallback will be print if no plugin available.


Where are you from?