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Query Terms Search & Filter

No extra Plugin needed! Create your filter page directly from your well-known Elementor Editor!

Thanks to the e-addons Query Terms Search & Filter, you can create and customize your Form with all fields needed, and apply your filter instantly on your Query Terms Widgets.

Create your Form and Filter your Term list

Pro Form


No limits on your archive filters

Mutiple Form Support

Customizable Users List

Lot of Field types

Immediate Preview

Complete Style Customization

Ajax Mode

This is an Elementor PRO Form Action

Add the action to “Actions After Submit” Form control to start.

elementor search terms filter

Query Terms Search & Filter

Filter Args
Add how many filter you need.
Any filter, if activated by the user in the form, will decrease the number of results in the Query Terms archive.
All standard WP_Term_Query filter available!

Filter Key
The Query Key to add to Query Terms before render it

Filter Value
You can set a Static value or use Field Shortcode for dynamic values or mixed

Archive Widgets

Archive Element ID
Insert here the Unique Element ID provided by Elementor (not the CSS ID) of the Query Terms Widget you want to filter.
If not provided the filter will act on all Query Terms widgets in page.
HINT: You can easily copy it with e-addons Copy/Paste!

Update Archive in Ajax
The filtered archive result will be rendered in Ajax without page reload

Extra Widgets
Optionally indicate here Widget IDs of related Forms, Archive info, Results per Page and Order By

form action query posts filter widget ids

Automatic filtered URL generation
Optional: On every Form Filter submit the browser url will change, to share/save the pre-filtered results by user choice

Form Fields Custom ID must be not equal to WP Reserved Terms or the generated search url will not render the correct page!

Extra Widgets

e-addons archive info

Archive Info

Show extra information about current Archive, like number of pages, etc

e-addons archive order by elementor pro form

Order By

Change the Order of the Archive in Frontend

e-addons Archive Posts per Page elementor pro

Results per Page

Change the number of Results per Page of the Archive in Frontend

e-addons search filters elementor pro form

Active Filters

Show the filters apply to search result Archive

form action query posts filter no result

No Result Fallback

If the Query will not return any result, you can display an optional alternative message.

HINT: you can use a custom Template trough the Dynamic Tag with e-addons Template

All WP Term Query Filters available

Use native standard filters to limit user results in the archive



Meta Query



elementor search terms filter search


Search a text inside all supported Term standard text field columns:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Slug

Filter Value
You can set a Static value or use Field Shortcode for dynamic values
Use wildcard “*” optionally before and/or after the submitted string


Filter by the term taxonomy name, multiple names are accepted

Child terms of
Term ID to retrieve child terms of

Parent Term ID
Parent term ID to retrieve direct-child terms of

elementor search terms filter
elementor search terms filter meta

Meta Query

Compare the value of a Term Meta Field to filter Terms results

Custom Meta Field
Search the name of the Term Custom Field Meta which contain the data.
If multiple fields are selected, they will work in OR condition

Operator to test the Meta
The logic operator to compare the meta value

Type of Meta Data
Leave Automatic or specify the nature of the Meta Field

Filter Value
You can set a Static value or use Field Shortcode for dynamic values

Accept Multiple Values
Check this if submitted data is Multiple (like Checkbox, Select, Files, etc)


Object ID
Object ID, or array of object IDs. Results will be limited to terms associated with these objects

Hide Empty
Whether to hide terms not assigned to any posts

elementor search terms filter blog

All Others

Please read WordPress documentation to use all other dedicated filters