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Repeater Field

E-addons e-pro form extend is a suite of tools and tweaks that enhance your elementor forms.

With the e-addons Repeater Field, as you may sense, you can easily repeat the fields in the Elementor Pro forms. By developing Repeater Field, we not only did a satisfying coding job but also created a powerful tool you can use in several contexts!

e-addons repeater field elementor pro forms
Easily repeat the fields in your Elementor Pro forms
Field repeater content
Field repeater content elements

Repeater Field

At least a row is maintain in repeater, so user can’t remove them all.

The repeated fields inside the repeater, if empty it will repeat the next one.

An optional title before each row of the repeater, use the placeholder to print the current row index

Initial Rows
The number of rows at start, if empty no rows will be created (if Required a row is generated, the Add/Duplicate button let user to generate more rows)

Max number of rows applicable by the user, leave empty for no limit

Multiple actions available in the repeater interface:

  • Add, a button that insert a new empty row
  • Duplicate, a tool that duplicate the row with its content
  • Remove, a tool that let user to delete the row
  • Sort, a tool that let user set an order of the rows

Repeater Style

In the Style Tab you can find a dedicated Section to the Repeater Field.

You can customize each element of the repeater:

  • Tools, the action tools present on every rows
  • Title, the title before every rows
  • Rows, the aspect of each row
  • Add button, the optional button at the end of the repeater
Field repeater style


Unlimited repeated fields

Support any type and multiple fields into same repeater

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