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Phone Field Prefix

Uniform the collected intentional phone from your user,
adding the prefix in wanted format and different by country

Manage the Phone International prefix for Telephone fields type
tel international

Phone Field Prefix

Add Phone Prefix
Define how user input his phone prefix:

  • None, standard behavior, so use optionally insert it
  • Select, user can choose his prefix from a Select with All phone prefix (or selected ones)
  • Forced, if user forget to insert it automatically will be integrated with the defined one

Initial Phone Prefix
Optionally insert a code before the prefix number, like:

  • None, left only the prefix number
  • +, add a plus before the prefix number
  • 00, add a double zero before the prefix number

Available Prefix
In Select mode left it empty to show all prefix, or select wanted to limit prefix on selection
In Forced mode the first one will be used to set the prefix number

Default Value
In Select mode you can optionally use the default value to set the initial prefix value (ex: 1, 39)


Select your Telephone International Prefix