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AUTHOR Dynamic Tag

With e-addons AUTHOR Dynamic tag, you can create your own fully dynamic custom author boxes by inserting all the useful info like URLs, avatar, email fields, and with the support of USER Dynamic tag, even much more!

With e-addons, all the power of Elementor’s dynamic tags is extended to the Nth degree.

e-addons Author Dynamic tag
Now, all author information available in dynamic tags!


Dynamic Tags

Insert all info about Post Author into your Base Widgets

Dynamic Tag author arrchiveurl

Posts Archive URL

Dynamic Tag author avatar


Dynamic Tag author email


Dynamic Tag author fields

Author Field

Dynamic Tag author urlsite

Url Site

author archiveurl

This tag is available on all URL controls.

Generate the link to the Posts Archive page written by current Author.

No parameter needed.


This tag is available on all MEDIA controls.

Use Gravatar
Fetch the image from the standard WordPress user image service. If you use this option many other specific option will be available:

  • Default, the placeholder image when author email address has no matching Gravatar image
  • Force Default, use always the placeholder image
  • Size, of the returned Gravatar image
  • Rating, return only user images indicate as appropriate for a certain audience

Custom Image

Use a User Meta field as avatar Image, search it from the available

If the Author has no image set it will display this static chosen image

author avatar
author email


This tag is available on all TEXT and URL controls.

Return the Author email.

No additional option needed.

You can use the Before field with the value “mailto:“, so you can use it as link in a URL Control.


This tag is available on ALL controls.

Return any Author Field, wordpress Native or Custom (ACF, PODS, etc).

Use it in the right context.

author fields
author website

Website URL

This tag is available on all Text and URL controls.

Return the Author Website Url set in his profile.

No additional option needed.


Create your custom Author box

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