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Advanced Email Template

With Advanced Email Template, thanks to all the available style settings, your email layout can finally match your site look and feel by using all Elementor templates potential. Plus, you can send more than two emails through the Elementor PRO form.

Be creative and spice up your email layout!

e-addons Advanced Email Template for Elementor Pro form
Incredible customization of your form emails
send email base

Advanced Email Template

Send unlimited email trough the Elementor PRO Form

You can send more than 2 email and create incredible and personalized email.

Email Repeater
Add one or more emails to your action

Enable email
Prepare your email but enable it later

Condition Field
Send the email only if a condition based on a Form Field is satisfy

Standard Email fields

All fields can be managed dynamically placing inside them the Form Field Shortcodes (for example [field id=”email”], [all-fields] and [all-fields|!empty]) provided natively by Elementor PRO Form.

The email object, not required but very important for the receiver

The main recipient who should receive the email, you can set multiple addresses separated by a comma

From Email
The email of the sender, usually the Site email

From Name
A readable name of the sender, usually the Site name

Set a reply email address different from sender email

Carbon Copy, other email addresses, separated by a comma, which receive this email in copy

Blind Carbon Copy, other email addresses, separated by a comma, which receive this email in copy but they will not appear on the email header

This is the main content of the email, but can be empty, you can fill it with dynamic content based on submitted Form fields values. It support multiple composition mode:

  • Plain, simple text supported by oldest device
  • HTML, a content with basic style and common tags created by the WYSIWYG control
  • TEMPLATE, create your content with Elementor
send email
send email attachment


Add multiple file attachments sent with the email:

  • Add Upload files as Attachments, pick them from Form File Upload fields and optionally Delete Files after Emails are sent
  • Add custom Attachments from your Media library


A focus on the possible way to create the Email Body

send email plain


Send As Plain text

The email will sent as simple Text without formatting, HTML is not accepeted.

This is the most compatible and lightweight solution.


Send As HTML text & Email body HTML

You can create a simple body in HTML through the WYSIWYG editor.

The composition is limited to basic tags and only custom inline style is accepted.

For compatibility with old Email Clients will sent also a Text version of the message, but Clients which support HTML will display it as preferred.

The best solution for alert message with data but with no design needed.

send email html
send email template


Send As HTML text & Email body TEMPLATE

Create structured email in simply way with the powerful Elementor Editor.

Select the Elementor Template from your own, or create it before. Best way is use an Elementor Page Template.


Insert Extra data dynamically

Use Twig code inside your WYSIWYG or Template to print technical information about submitted data and user, like:

  • system.post.post_id|php(‘get_the_title’) or system.post.referer_title, to print the referrer page title
  • system.server.REMOTE_ADDR, print the IP of the user
  • system.post.post_id|php(‘get_permalink’), print the url of referrer page
  • ‘now’|date(‘d/m/Y’), print current date time
					Date: {{'now'|date('Y-m-d H:i:s')}}
Page URL: {{ function('get_permalink', system.post.post_id) }}
Remote IP: {{sistem.server.REMOTE_ADDR}}
User Agent: {{sistem.server.HTTP_USER_AGENT}}


You can decide if all CSS style will be applied inline or removed.

Flex or Table
For a Email Client compatibility you can choose which is your best solution to manage columns :

  • Flex, the default one
  • CSS Table, the Table layout will be forced via additional CSS
  • HTML Table, the divs will be replaced with Table tags, the most intrusive but compatible

You can’t use fonts, icons and all widget/effect which require some javascript (like carousel).
All style cannot be applied correctly, also based on the Email Client used by the recipient.
A clean and simple design is always the best solution.

Pro Form ACTIONS Email Styles



Please set your Name and your real email address
You will receive 3 example mails:
HTML, Plain and Template

Don’t worry
!! Your data will NOT be stored !!