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Steps Summary

The convenience of multistep forms is undoubted but, be honest, how many times have you wondered what data you had previously entered?

Thanks to Steps Summary, you can immediately see a summary of the information you are entering.

Immediately see a summary of the information you are entering while filling multistep forms
elementor steps summary

Steps Summary

Form ID
Set the Elementor Element unique ID of the form you want to track inserted fields.
Get it with a right click on Form and Copy ID (#) button on the contextual menu.

An optional title above the summary

Step Title Tag
You can change the wrapper tag around the step titles

Edit Step Button
Let you translate the label of quick button to return on previous step

Submit Button
An extra Submit Form button which appear on the last step, leave empty to not generate it
It optionally can hide the summary after submission

Step Summary Style
In Style Tab you can find a new Section specific for Step Summary. There are all classic style controls to customize labels, values, edit and submit buttons inside the Summary.


If you have many steps it provide a full report on entered values

Step form summary
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