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A place to share inspiring and useful things.

Best Icons around

We love these icons. Modern clear and simple.

Justified Studio

Another super quality design studio

Design fail

Some fun inspiring not-to-do design tips.

Improve any moment

In case you've missed one of the best blogs online. Leo Babauta and its zen habit essential blog.

Talented Photographers

2020 Prize, nice photography projects. Great Website!

Biceps – Isles

Music inspiration. We like the cover and the music.

Awwwarded Website

A step-by-step approach to sustainability.

Soccer Bible

Do you like soccer? This is site is really inspiring about fashion, design, and soccer apparel.

Christopher Doyle & Co

From Sydney a great studio. We like their Instagram more than their website.. Don't tell them

Electric Alpha

Cool car for cool people. Coupé and Electric.

Aristide Benoist

Great websites and super smooth webGL transitions. Brilliant Aristide!

Pomodoro Technique

Want to be more productive? Read this!

Hands-free shoes

Crazy enough? Yes, but we want them.

Auto Aerobics

Everyone should have a Poster by 3d designer Chris Labrooy. Inspiring!

Buzz Usborne list

We have been following this designer for many years. Here is his list of inspirational sites. Fantastic.

Learn something

Their mission is to teach 1 billion people. 100% doable. Their courses are great!

No feeling is final

For Holocaust Remembrance Day, we recommend Jojo Rabbit movie.

Meta Tags builder

Quickly check & build your meta tags.

Ideas Report

Tough times during Pandemic. Hints help!

Kessels Kramer

Great agency, great Ideas incredibly well executed.


Probably the best web magazine on the net!

Eat Loud!

The new Burger King re-Branding revealed. We love it!

Color Pairing

Great color selection already made by the super inspiring Tobias Van Schneider


EF design projects include brand books and a great variety of visual projects.

Snazzy Maps

A repository of different styles for Google Maps.
Useful Tool!

Pangram Pangram

Trend-conscious quality fonts for your everyday designs. All fonts are free to try!

Lovers Magazine

A.K.A. Interface lovers, an inspiring magazine to get to know digital professionals

Best Site 2020

Without a doubt one of the best sites of 2020. Fresh and minimal with a contemporary twist. Great work by Mandelbrot

Layers Mockup

We've found this hi-end mockups resource. Stunning pics case your work deserves it.

Unusual WOW sites

Looking for a different website showcase?
Here it is

Learn to Design

A Trello roadmap to improve design skills. Great starting point, lots of useful resources.

Zhenya Rynzhuk

Some people are pushing the web beyond its limits. Zhenya is definitely one of them. Have a look and be inspired by her stunning work.

HelloHi Studio

Great style, fresh graphics and outstanding portfolio.
We love it.

Fresh Fonts

Need some new fonts inspiration?
This Newsletter is pretty useful and accurate.


Generate your next color palette easily. Pick the right colors with this amazing tool.


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