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Custom PHP Script

With Custom PHP Script you can have your own PHP scripts run by Elementor forms. This is a very powerful tool for pro users, that broaden your possibilities. Be careful, with great powers comes great responsibilities.

Run custom PHP scripts on the form action
custom php script

Custom PHP Script

Execute your own custom action, no limit to your imagination.

PHP language is accepted, don’t close the code at the end with “?>” or it will produce an error.

You can use this variables inside your code:

  • $fields, submitted values indexed by field custom id
  • $settings, form configuration
  • $ajax_handler, form actions handler

For more info please refer to:

A dirty code can produce Fatal errors, this will stop also the execution of other configured actions.

Custom Field Validation

Executing as first Action you can write your own custom validation on Submitted fields value.
See here some examples:


PHP script action