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Show Password Field Extension

If you want to include a field to record passwords in your forms, you will surely need our Show Password Field extension.

With this tweak crafted by e-addons, you can manage the visibility of the field and make it visible, verify correct typing, or hide the field for higher privacy levels.

Show or hide the entered password with a simple click
Field text password

Show Password Field Extension

For every Password Field type you can find  and enable this option in the Form > Content > Form Fields > Your Field > e-addons Tab.

To the field will be added an icon button to toggle the Password visualization.

Password Strength

Add a simple visual representation of the strength on insert password, with an non-intrusive colored field underline.

It’s not blocking, if you need a custom validation use Pattern option.

elementor form field password
elementor form field password

Confirmation field

Especially for password (usually hidden) sometimes could be useful if user repeat the inserted value to be sure he input it correctly.

Select another field to compare with the first one.


Text Field Password

Is your Password strength?

Min 8 char length, at least a number, an uppercase letter and a special char