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Form submit Progress

Give to you users a better feeling with Form submission waiting time, giving more info about uploading percentage or a cooler UI.

Show a visual progress representation during Form file upload and customize spinning animation

Multiple style options

Very versatile based on your form purpose


Circle pie

Progress bar

form progress

Form submit Progress

Additional Options

You can reach here the new options, where you can switch from None (default behavior) to new extra perform like:

  • Overlay, to customize the style during submission waiting
  • Bar, a progress bar for file upload
  • Circle, a progress pie for file upload

Customization styles

Waiting & Progress bar

When enabled in the Style Tab you can find many customization about the progress situation.

Some of those options are variable based on the chosen progress format.

Background Type
Set a colored overlay with opacity and optionally set an animated GIF image

Expand Overlay Fullscreen
The overlay will cover the entire screen.
Note: this is not applicable on Editor Preview

Prevent opacity change
Remove the form opacity during submission provided natively by Elementor PRO

Progress Bar/Circle Pie
Select every color about the completed and the remain percentage, sizes and position

The numeric percentage counter is optiona

form waiting styles


Custom Overlay