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Signature Field

Signature is the new custom e-addons field compatible with touch devices that make it possible to sign your forms. Your signature will be sent attached as a PNG format image.

Give your forms a new authority factor!

Sign your forms with our new full touch device compatible signature field!
Field signature

Leave a mark

You can use this new Field Type, select it from
Form > Content > Form Fields > Your Field > Type.

The Signature field canvas let you write on it and the Actions (Clear and Undo) will help you if you don’t like the result.
The signature will be saved as PNG image on form submit.

The width of the canvas

The height of the canvas

Signature Style
Under the Style Tab you will find a specific Section.
You can customize the field, like the Pen Color and the Actions position.

How to embed Signature image

Print the Signature image into your Email or PDF, in simple different ways:

  • if content is built via Textarea (like in basic Email action) simply add an img tag like this:
    <img src="[field id="my_signature"]" />
  • if content is built via WYSIWYG then add an img tag like this:
    <img src="[field id='my_signature']" />
  • if your content is built via a Custom Template (preferred) use the the Dynamic Tag Form Field (provided by “e-addons Editor”) on a Image Widget,
    setting the Form Field Custom ID and return as Image type

Warning: change the “my_signature” id with your own Signature field Custom ID.

If you store submitted data as Custom Meta Field it’s also simple and you can use the related Dynamic Tag corresponding the object you saved as meta.

Elementor Signature


Signature Field

Add a Signature field on your Form, the result will be saved as PNG image that you could use inside your Actions

Multiple instances and fully customizable

Configure the Size, the Colors (Border and Pen), Position and Border.