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SVG shapes

This is an ambitious widget ..

After a lifetime dedicated to vector design we thought about building something to create shapes and designs directly in Elementor, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To tell the truth, we don’t even know the possibilities: shapes, animations, colors and compositions.


Let you create svg-based designs/compositions, directly in Elementor!


All shapes are SVG based, for each shape the transformation parameters are available to control your drawing.

SVG & Viewbox

It is the element/viewport that collects your design.

Basically it’s a svg included in the page, rate width and height are the viewbox values.

The available parameters are:

  • Width
  • Position
  • Rate W/H
  • Outer visibility (overflow)
svgshapes svg

Tabs controls

For each drawing you can check the type of shape, its characteristics, animations and if it has the background image.

Shape Type

The parameters for the creation and transformation of the shape

svgshapes shapes


Looping and entry animations to create moving scenes

svgshapes anim

Pattern Image

Optionally fill the shape with an image

svgshapes pattern image
svgshapes 1


Svg-shapes creates a composable SVG element from elements of your choice to create vector compositions directly in Elementor.

The shapes available are:

The basic forms.

  • Circle/Ellipse
  • Rectangle
  • Line
  • Curve

Dynamic forms.

  • Polygon (corners)
  • Spiral (tips)
  • Wave (frequency)
  • Blob (points and tension)

But also:

  • Image
  • Custom path

The tools to manage:

  • Group (to collect multiple elements and transform them as if they were one)
  • Use (uses an existing element while modifying the visual characteristics)

Shapes type & properties

svgshapes shape circle
svgshapes shape ellipse
svgshapes shape rectangle
svgshapes shape line
svgshapes shape curve
svgshapes shape wave
svgshapes shape polygon
svgshapes shape star
svgshapes shape spiral
svgshapes shape blob
svgshapes shape image
svgshapes shape
svgshapes shape custompath
group open
svgshapes shape group
svgshapes shape use

Style & Transformation

For each element you can define: colors, thickness, shape, hatch, position, rotation, scale and blanding.

svgshapes style
svgshapes blendmode


The key features of each shape are:

  • Color of fill
  • Color of stroke
  • Stroke size

Bland mode: To blend the underlying elements.

svgshapes transform


Each shape is placed by default in the center of the viewport / svg.

You can move it, rotate it and scale it to shape your composition.

  • X (+-)
  • Y (+-)
  • Rotation (+-)
  • Scale

Values can be negative to go left or positive to right.

svgshapes dash


Hatching is available for the trace, which is made up of 2 full/empty values.


svgshapes line


Linecap: is the type of end in case of open line or hatch.

Linejoin: is the type of shape for the corners.

No scaling: avoids the transformation of the stroke even if scaled.

The Text Path

TEXTPATH example


svgshapes anim drawline


The track animates and draws the shape.

If the repeat value is 0 it will be infinite.

Yoyo: produces the design in both directions.

Line fill Options:

  • 0 = start
  • 100 = end

Note: Better if the filler is empty.

svgshapes anim loop anim


Infinite animations or for a specific repeat value.

There are 8 possibilities:

  • Rotation
  • Float
  • Passes Through
  • Pulsates
  • Swing
  • Rolls
  • Zigzaz
  • Shake

The parameters are duration, delay and easing.


  • Yoyo
  • Transform origin
svgshapes anim origin

The transform origin defines the anchor point of animation. Default is center

svgshapes anim ease

Ease is the speed variation curve, which allows you to create different styles of movement such as elastic, bounce etc.

svgshapes anim loop blob
svgshapes anim loop wave


Blob & Wave

In the case of Blob and Wave, an animation specifically dedicated to the type of shape is added:

  • Blob creates a distortion
  • Wave sways
svgshapes anim entrance animation


Entrance animations automatically snap to the visibility trigger.

You can create your scene by composing the transformations between 5 properties:

  • Opacity
  • Horizontal movement
  • Vertical movement
  • Scale in or out
  • Rotation clockwise and counterclockwise 

Amount movement: is the amount of shift based on the coefficient, from 0.1 to 2 where 1 is normal.

Pattern image

svgshapes pattern image

The svg allow you to apply an image as a fill, this is basically a repetition pattern, you see how you prefer to use it.

The available parameters are:

  • The dimension
  • The horizontal and vertical repetition coefficient.


Basic Example