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Extension Tooltip

It allows you to manage custom Tooltips on each element.

You will be able to view dynamic texts or templates based on the source or the url associated with the element you are on.

This is beyond the simple static Tooltip.

Custom and dynamically based Tooltips for each Elementor widget

Advanced Tab

tooltip 0
tooltip 1

Trigger & Target

When the tooltip opens:

  • On Hover
  • On Click

The area / zone that reacts to opening:

  • The whole element
  • Only the zone defined by the A-HREF if enabled
  • A defined .class or #id tag identifier tag .class o #id

Content Type

In addition to the simple text for the label,we have devised a system to detect dynamic data from the a-href link or from a chosen source.

Note: For reasons of speed in case of dynamic values, rendering in editor is not available
But don’t worry because in the frontend everything is perfect.


Define the text that will appear in the tooltip, this is a static value

tooltip content


Insert text and html images or Twig (requires free plugin) to detect dynamic values

tooltip content wysiwyg


Fill the tooltip from Elementor templates also with dynamic data if you have set a-href or source.

tooltip content template


To be precise, the source derives the data if dynamic from:
tooltip source href

A-Href source

The url of the link on which the tooltip is applied is used to read the content of the corresponding page / post, generating a preview to be displayed before accessing it.

Custom source

you can choose where to get the data from and view a quick preview.

  • Post
  • Term
  • User
  • Attachment
tooltip source custom


The position of the tooltip (which adjusts according to the available space) and the animation effect for the display.
tooltip opt
tooltip style darklight


The graphic style.

  • Dark (Black and White)
  • Light (White and Black)
  • Custom (How you prefer)

Style Custom

Create your custom style:

  • Text color and background
  • Rounding
  • Spacing
  • Typography
tooltip style custom
tooltip options

Advanced Options

  • The presence of the arrow triangle
  • Tracking on the cursor
  • A defined width