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WooCommerce Checkout Google Maps Address

You could enable on Elementor PRO Checkout widget, with Google Maps API the Shipping and Bill addresses could be automatically prefill with the help and precision of Google services.
So you will get correct place names and more input speed to complete the order!

Simplify the way your user insert his address and get correct names


Checkout Address Fields

Use Google Maps API to help your Customer with autocomplete all address fields

checkout address google autocomplete

Shipping Address

No more wrong addresses

Billing Address

Set all field to generate your bills

billing elementor checkout address

WooCommerce Checkout Google Maps Address

Use Google Maps Address
On both Billing and Shipping Details section you can find new options to enable the autocomplete

Address Field Label
Optionally you can change the label of this field

Hide Address Fields
Initially start with hidden fields, only the autocomplete address will be visible, so only after the address selection other prefilled fields will return visible and editable

Address autocompleted fields

No need extra configuration, as you can see all address sub fields will be automatically filled with the correct content

checkout address google autocomplete filled