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Video Widget Custom Controls

Improve the handling of controls on the Elementor video widget and extend it with new features.

Thanks to Video Widget Custom Controls, you can add new playback controls and customize both the look and feel and color palette. Plus, you can give the main player button the shape and size you want.

Improve, extend, customize the Elementor video widget controls

Custom Video Controls


Integrated with the Elementor VIDEO widget

customized Player

Show Controls

Custom Styles

custom Video Box

Video Widget Custom Controls

Enable this feature from the “Custom Controls” tab of the video widget.

You can display the controls you prefer:

  • play-large
    The large play button in the center
  • restart
    Restart playback
  • rewind
    Rewind by the seek time (default 10 seconds)
  • play
    Play/pause playback
  • fast-forward
    Fast forward by the seek time (default 10 seconds)
  • progress
    The progress bar and scrubber for playback and buffering
  • current-time
    The current time of playback
  • duration
    The full duration of the media
  • mute
    Toggle mute
  • volume
    Volume control
  • captions
    Toggle captions
  • settings
    Settings menu
  • pip
    Picture-in-picture (currently Safari only)
  • airplay
    Airplay (currently Safari only)
  • download
    Show a download button with a link to either the current source or a custom URL you specify in your options
  • fullscreen
    Toggle fullscreen

Video Controls Styles

From tab Style > Custom Controls you can customize the style for: 

  • main play button
  • all controls
  • video box
You can configure color, dimension, border-radius, border and box-shadow.
video controls style extension


Custom Player



Video Box